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Nieuws over de kitcar "De Flyer"

The 2cv as base for The Flyer
nice nose of The Flyer, nice valve covers are an option
Study documentation
Base made out of steelwire frame
September and November 2019:
Classic car show in Leek en Eelde

May 2018 :
We can now deliver the kit:

April 2019:
An other day hard work:

An other day hard work:

Start building again

Oktober 2018 :

With color:

Ready for the painter

September 2018 :

August 2018:

Another step in the right direction, we decided to glue the inlay of the roof.

Part for the pillars are done, and now making moulds of it again.

Jeeeez, it is hot outside, almost too hot to work on de Flyer.

Look at the steering wheel, isn't it beautiful.

June 2018:

Finally, the exhaust is finished, the basket is done and we started with the window covers.

March 2018 :

After a long time with no news something did happen. We had a lot of discussions and we decided to not use the flexible exhaust pipe because it looks horrible
We had the exhaust guy build the perfect angle exhaust and use that as base. Welds will not be visible in the end.

November 2017:

Fender support front

September 2017:

CUp chair fully covered

After one month of hard work de bosy parts are finally finished and can be ordered.

The guys in the factory could finialy see the end result.

August 2017:

Everything seems to fit, woohoo ;-)

Today fitting the doors.>

Fitting the parts.

July 2017:

Fitting the parts

First trail part of the body, looking good if I say so myself!!.

It took a while but the "Tub" was kind of a lot of work to finish

Part back from teh factory, super light and very strong.

June 2017:

Why is molding the parts taking so long?
Below you can see a selection of the molds that are going to the factory today

Front and back side of the "tub" done

First layer of the underside of the roof

Underside of the "tub" is ready

The only parts left are the body and the roof. After this is done we can go to the factory

Making test parts... looking good

Started on the roof, difficult!!

May 2017:

Engine cover mould

Started on the roof, difficult thing.

Body ready to start working on

Cowl mould complete

Rear chassis cover

Onderside cowl

Second last part of the rear

Bottom side of the cowl



Mould of rear part


Door moulds ready

First test product left front

April 2016


New moulds

First "example" from the molds, happy!!

March 2017:

Naked body

More moulding work

First parts from the moulds

First trail

Preparing the molds

February 2017:

Started with making the moulds

Welcome in the Netherlands, it looks like a big model car

Ready for the Netherlands

January 2017:

How does it look in color?

More .........

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